Saturday, December 22, 2007

Finally: Lulu's!

Oh, friends, I apologize for being so lazy. I try to keep up at least a post a day for Fashion Poirot, and S.F.D. often falls by the wayside.

Nevertheless, the much-awaited post is here!

First, this darling "South Side" jacket.


Military-style jackets have been very popular recently, and this one is just the right mix of trendiness and practicality, though it might have to wait until temperatures go up just a little. It's reasonably priced for a jacket, and I love the side button detailing and leather accents. A wearable, all-purpose jacket.

Next: a trendy cap sleeve top.


I sort of wish this was just a little longer, because it would be an amazing minidress. As it is, the color-block print is very stylish, and the price really can't be beat.

That's all for now, but come back soon for more sweet fashion dreams (and finds)!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Listen Up! Special!

Hey, readers, I have an amazing piece of new to share with you.

Until Jan. 30, 2008, you can visit and receive 15% off if you enter the discount code SweetFashionDreams! This applies to all orders! So hurry up and get shopping. has lots of cute stuff at very cute prices. I'm planning to do my next post on their clothing, so stay tuned!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Holiday dreams...from arden b.

I'm going with the general flow of all fashion blogs this time of year and doing a holiday party post.

Let's start with a lovely dress from Arden B, at, shall we? I just recently discovered that site and I love everything about their clothes.


All right, I lie, their prices could be a little cheaper. But for designer stuff- designer dresses, at that- this isn't ridiculously expensive. I like that this dress is modest enough that the average gal can actually wear it without looking half-dressed. Yeah, Rihanna or whoever looks hot in their micro-mini sequined tunics, but who can wear that? Especially if you're over the age of 15! The slim pencil skirt does keep it fresh, and the cute neckline stops the print from making the dress too stuffy. If this were any longer or had sleeves, it would cross the borderline between "modest" and "old-fashioned".

But skimpy dresses make me feel cold, just looking at them. How about a nice sweater?


I know the symbolism of the bow is kind of corny, but it's a cute sweater. It's also available in silver or black, but red is the brightest and happiest, in my opinion. The cut-out makes it very sexy, the kind of sweater you'd expect to find at Victoria's Secret, while the off-the-shoulder neckline is a stylish touch. Most of all, I like the price, and the flattering empire waist.

I think that very sweater would go wonderfully with these trousers.


The wide-leg and skinny self-belt make them stylish yet wearable. They're a little bit pricey, but so what? You can be the biggest fashionista at the office, or the star of your holiday party! Plus, they're classic and will never go out of style. Who can put a price on that?

Anyway, that's all for now...until next time, sweet fashion dreams and happy holidays!

Friday, November 23, 2007

More finds

For this post, I'm going to showcase a slightly random, but hopefully delightful collection of fashion finds.

My first find is from Victoria's Secret. That store just keeps surprising me; I've always thought of it as a purely lingerie-oriented store, but some of their clothes are quite chic. Check out this dress:

(Babydoll sweater dress w/ scarf, on sale, $69)

It's not really a steal, but I'm in love with this unusual, stylish blue. It's very refreshing and cute. If it's not your cup of tea, however, they have cranberry (they say lipstick) red and your usual black and white options.

I've often sort of admired Aldo's shoes, but I've never seen anything unique or interesting enough to justify their prices. And their seriously high heels.

These shoes, however, made me reconsider Aldo in general:

(See them at
Please forgive me for not being able to post a pic; their stupid flash player is to blame.)

(Fandriana pumps, $20)

They're not the epitome of high style, perhaps (high heels: definitely), but they're rather cute, no? And the price amazing for such nice pumps (I know it says $79 at the top; look by the color descriptions instead). I prefer the cream-colored pattern, because I think the black is an odd contradiction of sexy heel and colors, and sweet girly pattern. The cream is just sweet enough to get away with the peeptoe and the heel and the platform without looking like...well, you know.

That's all for today; check back soon for more sweet fashion dreams!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sale finds!

For today's long-awaited post, I'm going to scout the web to find the best sale finds around.

First off, Urban Outfitters is having a big online thing: free shipping. And in their sale section, I was lucky to find this dress:

( Landscape Shift Dress, now $40)

I can't decide which color I like better. The cream is more wearable, certainly, but the red has a sexy kick that would be awesome with tights and booties, much like they show- only with actual tights, not knee socks. They remind me too much of fishnets, and that's definitely not the best combo for a short, red dress.

They also have these cute, if slightly unremarkable ballet flats:

(Color Block Ballet Flat, $20)

I really like the unusual mix of fuchsia and teal.. They have these flats in chocolate/ivory as well, but that combination seems a little bit too typical for me.

I know you must be sick of me harping about But it would be a crime not to mention this top:

(Poppy Plissage Top, $45)

This ruffled top is very trendy right now- ruffled Victorian shirt and all- but the bright red color adds a bit of pop to its feminine sweetness. It's sort of like combining a tart berry sauce with a very sweet vanilla pudding to prevent it from being overwhelmingly saccharine.

Aw, now I'm really hungry. I'd better go eat. Until next time, sweet fashion dreams, everyone!

Friday, November 2, 2007

More love...

Ahhh, here are some cheap-ish clothes that I can loooooove. And almost guilt-free. Take a look:

First of all, this amazing Topshop dress.

I know, it's not exactly cheap, per say, but I just had to include. The pic's a touch blurry, so you can't see the exquisite lace detailing, but trust me: it's worth ANY price.

And it's definitely worthy of these pumps:


Again, not cheap, but worth it. A while back, I commented in a forum discussion of these shoes a woman had found; she wanted to know if the killer stilletos, numerous laces, and silver heels made them slutty. I said that they did. And now, I wish she could have seen these pumps! They are perfection: sexy, but not too sexy, and stylishly mod, but wearable.

Anyway, check back soon, for more sweet fashion dreams.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I am dedicating this post to my favorite online store: Modcloth. It has the coolest, cheapest vintage stuff!

Anyway, let's start with this "Pastry shop dress":


I know it isn't exactly free at $49, but I think it's totally worth it. The one in grey is cuter but a little less inspiring; purple is my official color obsession this fall, so naturally I like the purple one better.

Ankle boots are all the rage this fall, as are buckles and the color gray. Why not combine them all in one boot?


This time, I can honestly say they're cheap. And cute! And sassy!

But wait, there's more (like a bad infomercial):


Now, unless you live under a figurative fashion-trend rock (in which case I wonder just how you managed to cram a computer under there?), you probably have noticed that cropped swing jackets are all the rage this fall. I think that stores have noticed too, and that's why all those cute jackets turn into roaring, snarling black holes in which your money spirals, never to return. Ahem. I mean, they're not cheap! But this one is unique in that it's relatively affordable. Plus I love the cable knit pattern. And the chocolate brown color. (Actually, they had me at "chocolate"...yum...)

Modcloth also has a cool one-of-a-kind section that's even cheaper, but it's a little annoying in that they still list items after they're sold out, and I wanted to devote this post to items that you, the reader, can buy if you so choose. But make sure to check it out; they often have new additions.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Extra Luxury

For this, my first real post, I decide to go all the way to the uber-luxury end of the shopping spectrum.

Starting with these amazingly cool Laboutins:


Yes, I know "cool" isn't a very classy, Laboutin-like adjective, but that's the only word for them. Well, I guess you could use sumptous, perfect, darling, cute, adorable, colorful, amazing, shiny...ridiculously expensive...

Ahem. Anyway. Just look at the toe detailing:

Honestly, that's just awesome.

Let's go on to clothes. I searched high and low for the most crazy prices I could find (oddly, it wasn't all that tough) and found...

...yep, the Moon dress. The infamous, famous, much-awaited, not-yet-available Moon dress. I actually didn't see what all the fuss was about when Victoria Beckham wore it in pink, all those months ago, but now that I see it in white...

I. Am. In. Love. I would sell my soul for this dress. It's so wonderfully adorable! And cutesy, and retro, but not too cutesy and retro. The pleats and folds add a bit of innocence, while those same pleats and folds make it quite figure-hugging.

Next up: Actually affordable fashion! (Raucous applause)


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