Sunday, October 7, 2007


I am dedicating this post to my favorite online store: Modcloth. It has the coolest, cheapest vintage stuff!

Anyway, let's start with this "Pastry shop dress":


I know it isn't exactly free at $49, but I think it's totally worth it. The one in grey is cuter but a little less inspiring; purple is my official color obsession this fall, so naturally I like the purple one better.

Ankle boots are all the rage this fall, as are buckles and the color gray. Why not combine them all in one boot?


This time, I can honestly say they're cheap. And cute! And sassy!

But wait, there's more (like a bad infomercial):


Now, unless you live under a figurative fashion-trend rock (in which case I wonder just how you managed to cram a computer under there?), you probably have noticed that cropped swing jackets are all the rage this fall. I think that stores have noticed too, and that's why all those cute jackets turn into roaring, snarling black holes in which your money spirals, never to return. Ahem. I mean, they're not cheap! But this one is unique in that it's relatively affordable. Plus I love the cable knit pattern. And the chocolate brown color. (Actually, they had me at "chocolate"...yum...)

Modcloth also has a cool one-of-a-kind section that's even cheaper, but it's a little annoying in that they still list items after they're sold out, and I wanted to devote this post to items that you, the reader, can buy if you so choose. But make sure to check it out; they often have new additions.

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Anonymous said...

Hi : )
Buying things on-line or in-store? which often would you go for? actually wondering lol.. i like in-store since i don't really like waiting it to arrive!