Friday, November 23, 2007

More finds

For this post, I'm going to showcase a slightly random, but hopefully delightful collection of fashion finds.

My first find is from Victoria's Secret. That store just keeps surprising me; I've always thought of it as a purely lingerie-oriented store, but some of their clothes are quite chic. Check out this dress:

(Babydoll sweater dress w/ scarf, on sale, $69)

It's not really a steal, but I'm in love with this unusual, stylish blue. It's very refreshing and cute. If it's not your cup of tea, however, they have cranberry (they say lipstick) red and your usual black and white options.

I've often sort of admired Aldo's shoes, but I've never seen anything unique or interesting enough to justify their prices. And their seriously high heels.

These shoes, however, made me reconsider Aldo in general:

(See them at
Please forgive me for not being able to post a pic; their stupid flash player is to blame.)

(Fandriana pumps, $20)

They're not the epitome of high style, perhaps (high heels: definitely), but they're rather cute, no? And the price amazing for such nice pumps (I know it says $79 at the top; look by the color descriptions instead). I prefer the cream-colored pattern, because I think the black is an odd contradiction of sexy heel and colors, and sweet girly pattern. The cream is just sweet enough to get away with the peeptoe and the heel and the platform without looking like...well, you know.

That's all for today; check back soon for more sweet fashion dreams!

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FAPORT International said...

Nice blue dress! i like it very much:)