Saturday, October 6, 2007

Extra Luxury

For this, my first real post, I decide to go all the way to the uber-luxury end of the shopping spectrum.

Starting with these amazingly cool Laboutins:


Yes, I know "cool" isn't a very classy, Laboutin-like adjective, but that's the only word for them. Well, I guess you could use sumptous, perfect, darling, cute, adorable, colorful, amazing, shiny...ridiculously expensive...

Ahem. Anyway. Just look at the toe detailing:

Honestly, that's just awesome.

Let's go on to clothes. I searched high and low for the most crazy prices I could find (oddly, it wasn't all that tough) and found...

...yep, the Moon dress. The infamous, famous, much-awaited, not-yet-available Moon dress. I actually didn't see what all the fuss was about when Victoria Beckham wore it in pink, all those months ago, but now that I see it in white...

I. Am. In. Love. I would sell my soul for this dress. It's so wonderfully adorable! And cutesy, and retro, but not too cutesy and retro. The pleats and folds add a bit of innocence, while those same pleats and folds make it quite figure-hugging.

Next up: Actually affordable fashion! (Raucous applause)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, cute stuff! Just letting you know it's spelled Louboutin.