Monday, November 19, 2007

Sale finds!

For today's long-awaited post, I'm going to scout the web to find the best sale finds around.

First off, Urban Outfitters is having a big online thing: free shipping. And in their sale section, I was lucky to find this dress:

( Landscape Shift Dress, now $40)

I can't decide which color I like better. The cream is more wearable, certainly, but the red has a sexy kick that would be awesome with tights and booties, much like they show- only with actual tights, not knee socks. They remind me too much of fishnets, and that's definitely not the best combo for a short, red dress.

They also have these cute, if slightly unremarkable ballet flats:

(Color Block Ballet Flat, $20)

I really like the unusual mix of fuchsia and teal.. They have these flats in chocolate/ivory as well, but that combination seems a little bit too typical for me.

I know you must be sick of me harping about But it would be a crime not to mention this top:

(Poppy Plissage Top, $45)

This ruffled top is very trendy right now- ruffled Victorian shirt and all- but the bright red color adds a bit of pop to its feminine sweetness. It's sort of like combining a tart berry sauce with a very sweet vanilla pudding to prevent it from being overwhelmingly saccharine.

Aw, now I'm really hungry. I'd better go eat. Until next time, sweet fashion dreams, everyone!


One Million Kisses for Charly said...

The red dress. For certain.

Helen said...

Awesome choice of womens dresses at reasonable prices...